Improved soil texture

Improved soil texture and root growth prevent soil degradation during heavy rains or in windy areas. And when organic amendments are utilized, it also helps support the nutrition cycle (e.g. manure).

Our amendments are conditioned to improve the soil’s physical features, such as water retention, permeability, water infiltration, drainage, aeration, and structure.

Our primary goal is to help you create a rich environment for the roots.

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Product List

Worm Castings

Worm castings manure aerates and improves the general structure of the soil while delivering valuable nutrients to your plants. Castings can also be used to repel pests that feed on plants, such as aphids and spider mites.

Price/ per large bag:


Price/ per small bag:


Bagged Peat Moss 3.8 Ft3

Peat Moss is a natural material used to propagate seeds. Its lightweight, fibrous texture, and ability to retain moisture are particularly useful for seedlings. Peat Moss also adds acidity to the soil and is best used for acid-soil-loving plants such as Azaleas and Blueberries.

Price/per bag:


Bagged Perlite - 4.4 cu ft bags

Perlite is most often used to improve drainage in potted plant mixes while keeping the mix lightweight. Perlite comes in prepackaged 4.4 cubic feet bags.
Price/per bag:


Black Lava Rock - 3/16"

Black Lava Rock is a fine and dust-free small lava rock that acts like extra coarse sand in improving drainage in soil mixes.

Price: $83.53 per cubic yard plus sales tax of $6.47
Total Price:


Black Lava Rock - 3/8"

Black Lava Rock is often used as a decorative rock or for adding drainage to soil mixes.

Price: $83.53 per cubic yard plus sales tax of $6.47
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Hemp Soil Additive

Soil additive specially formulated for growing hemp outdoors in the ground.

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Pumice - 3/8"

Pumice loosens the density of heavy clay garden soils. It’s a type of volcanic rock that is both lightweight and absorbent. Used as an amendment in potting mixes, it improves drainage and contributes to moisture retention.

Our Small Pumice is great for drainage in smaller pots while our Large Pumice works well in retaining moisture for larger pots or in landscaped areas. A combination of the two can be used to perfect desired drainage rates.

Price: $97.45 per cubic yard plus sales tax of $7.55
Total Price:


Soil Conditioner - Strong Compost

Our Soil Conditioner is the best on the market. This additive is an excellent amendment for soil preparation for the lawn. Because of its rich qualities, it should be mixed as one part conditioner to three parts of the existing soil.

Price: $41.76 per cubic yard plus sales tax of $3.24
Total Price for a total of:



Used as a soil amendment, compost improves your soil and water retention. It also helps improve soil aeration and reduce compaction.

Compost should be mixed 1:1 with your existing soil. It can also be spread thick as a seed topper or grass fertilizer.

Price: $41.76 per cubic yard plus sales tax of $3.24
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Sand - Washed

Sand improves moisture control in soil mixtures, especially for palms, because it drains well and keeps enough local moisture to prevent the plant from drying out. The fertilizers you add to the soil will act quickly if the amount of sand is more extensive.

Sand is also used under above-ground pools, under cement pathways to allow drainage and any area where you need a flexible base layer. Sand can also be used in children’s sandpits.

Price: $81.67 per cubic yard plus sales tax of $6.33
Total Price: